Love Burns


Over the weekend, my husband saw in the news the story of a young woman in Clearwater, Florida who was charged with second degree arson for torching a man’s vehicle. Apparently she wanted to attempt revenge on her ex-boyfriend by burning his car, but ended up torching the wrong one. The owner of the vehicle sent the video to the police department and days later she was apprehended.

I don’t know what her boyfriend did to her, but the story served me well to kid my husband after we both failed to remember our eighth wedding anniversary last week. I joked with my hubby asking, “Aren’t you glad I am not like her?”  Continue reading “Love Burns”

Handy Man


Last Sunday my husband honored a long standing promise; notwithstanding, it required a small psychological push. The day before we had a cookout at his golf buddy’s home which turned into a talk show. The Wives complained about all the home improvement that needed to be done around the house, but never materialized. The Husbands banded together and gave excuses for all the delays. At the end, we simply told them we were going to hire a handy man.

My husband is a very special man, and he is smart as a fox, but disorganized and messy like a toddler. If I ask him to help me move furniture or rearrange something around the house, he rolls his eyes like a teenager. However, when he sets his mind to doing something and decides to start a project, no matter how much sweat flows–or even blood–he finishes it! Continue reading “Handy Man”

The Benefits of Golf

Xiomara Spadafora Benefits of Golf

Before I got married, I believed golf was a “sport” for not very athletic men—in other words big-bellied specimens–who loved riding a little goofy cart around a park ( I now Know it is called a course) for hours. I didn’t even know the object of the game, or if it had an object besides having a few drinks and smoking cigars. Then, my hubby started playing again a couple of years ago, and now I love this sport, and secretly, I even dream about owning a little goofy golf cart.

Golf has provided our family with several benefits. First of all, it takes my husband out of the house for four or five hours during the weekend, which stops him from making messes around the house. Having him in the house is like having another kid to discipline.

For example, I can always tell which way my hubby walked into the house starting from the pantry, because I find a path of crumbs as if he were Hansel—I guess this turns me into the Witch, because I want to put him in the oven and eat him!

Continue reading “The Benefits of Golf”

Customer Service?

Last Tuesday around six p.m., a huge box arrived at my home delivered by UPS. When I opened it, I found three smaller boxes within, with an Xfinity logo on them. Immediately, my blood froze-I remembered that we decided to switch to Direct TV  due to some quality issues—and I realized that my husband had to install the equipment.

Regardless of his ability to do it—which he has… to a certain degree—companies like Comcast are reducing their payroll by transferring the nerve-wrecking job of connecting cable television to the customer. In the good old days, a professional installer showed up in a van–full of wires and equipment and usually late–wearing his pants low, not saying much, and connected everything in a matter of minutes. Well, not anymore. Continue reading “Customer Service?”

High as a kite!

IMG_0207Last Thursday, my dogs Rusty and Sasha, had the “trip” of their lives. Since dogs get very distressed during dental cleanings, they had to be put under anesthesia, and I don’t blame them. When I go to the dentist I always ask for the laughing gas to take the edge off; otherwise, I too, would bite the dental hygienist!

When I picked them up at four p.m., they were still pretty drugged-up and acting really strange, especially Rusty. I walked them outside the vet’s building for a few minutes so they could breathe some air, and then we drove home. Continue reading “High as a kite!”

Holding Hands

Xiomara Spadafora3Last Saturday my husband and I attended a beautiful wedding. Planned to perfection and exuberant in simplicity, it made love the guest of honor. The young couple exchanged a lifetime promise with their vows by a river, with family and friends as witnesses, and embarked in their most amazing adventure.

The father of the bride, our friend, said something to his daughter and the groom when he gave her away, but we couldn’t hear as the wind started blowing stronger.

Later, during the reception, I asked him about it and he said, “I told them… remember this day and your happiness, because it will help you through the tough times.” By then, I’d had my fair share of tequilas, so I teared up with the fast forward thought of me saying something to my baby and his wife-to-be some years from now.

Continue reading “Holding Hands”

Hungover Valentines

FullSizeRender (11)
My son’s craft for Valentine’s Day.

Our Valentine’s Days have always been like Marvin Gay’s, “Let’s get it on,” kind of days, and my husband and I always had the batteries charged ready for a marathon–if you know what I mean.

But, last Sunday, the only thing that got “turned on” was the nebulizer machine to do breathing treatments for our little son who had an asthma crisis the week before. Continue reading “Hungover Valentines”

My “Vintage” Husband

While I was decorating, my son said to me in an authoritarian tone, “Daddy can invite all his friends from the office

Yesterday was my husband’s 56th birthday and he is definitely vintage, not for the number of years he has lived, but because he is–like a fine wine–the best produced in his year.

He is–I think–a hot stud and he would look a decade younger if his hair weren’t almost white. Nevertheless, the ladies like it and are hitting on him more than ever. But, I am not worried, and here is why. Continue reading “My “Vintage” Husband”

The Beat of Life

Our hearts
Our hearts set the rhythm of our lives with each beat. So, listen to your heart and try to stay in tune.

Last Sunday, we had just finished lunch, and I was practicing writing letters with my son at the kitchen table, when my husband called my name from the couch. I turned to look at him and with watering eyes he could only whisper, “It’s the same pain. I think we have to go to the hospital.

The clock stopped, and the memory of his massive heart attack on December 7, 2010 started playing on my mind as if I were in a movie theater. Continue reading “The Beat of Life”

Date Night

My Italian, just like Rocky, would die for his honor.
My Italian husband, just like Rocky, would die for his honor.

This past Saturday night, my husband and I went out for a drink; it was the first time in over a month. Initially, we were going to have dinner in San Augustine—the oldest most romantic city in Florida–but, as the day progressed, and the exhaustion of a typical Saturday piled up, we felt the weight of an elephant on our shoulders. So, we ended up going to the bar of a little pizza joint two blocks from home.

Prior to leave, we ate a nutritious family meal with the kids—Chinese takeout—then I prepared Bubbas for bed and gave “Sissy” a few instructions before we hit the road. Continue reading “Date Night”

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