My “Vintage” Husband

While I was decorating, my son said to me in an authoritarian tone, “Daddy can invite all his friends from the office

Yesterday was my husband’s 56th birthday and he is definitely vintage, not for the number of years he has lived, but because he is–like a fine wine–the best produced in his year.

He is–I think–a hot stud and he would look a decade younger if his hair weren’t almost white. Nevertheless, the ladies like it and are hitting on him more than ever. But, I am not worried, and here is why. Continue reading “My “Vintage” Husband”

The Beat of Life

Our hearts
Our hearts set the rhythm of our lives with each beat. So, listen to your heart and try to stay in tune.

Last Sunday, we had just finished lunch, and I was practicing writing letters with my son at the kitchen table, when my husband called my name from the couch. I turned to look at him and with watering eyes he could only whisper, “It’s the same pain. I think we have to go to the hospital.

The clock stopped, and the memory of his massive heart attack on December 7, 2010 started playing on my mind as if I were in a movie theater. Continue reading “The Beat of Life”

Date Night

My Italian, just like Rocky, would die for his honor.
My Italian husband, just like Rocky, would die for his honor.

This past Saturday night, my husband and I went out for a drink; it was the first time in over a month. Initially, we were going to have dinner in San Augustine—the oldest most romantic city in Florida–but, as the day progressed, and the exhaustion of a typical Saturday piled up, we felt the weight of an elephant on our shoulders. So, we ended up going to the bar of a little pizza joint two blocks from home.

Prior to leave, we ate a nutritious family meal with the kids—Chinese takeout—then I prepared Bubbas for bed and gave “Sissy” a few instructions before we hit the road. Continue reading “Date Night”

“Happy Honey? Show me the money!”

I love making my Honey happy, but I have to pay a price and so does he!
Happiness has a price, and if I have to pay it, so does my hubby!

Very often I hear husbands–including mine–say, “Happy wife, happy life,” when they refer to the demands of their spouses which are, many times, incomprehensible to them. Yet, I have never heard a popular saying that refers to the happiness of the husband, hence the happiness of the wife.

You might recall my column from August 12, “Who said it’s too late?” where I told you about the beginning of my husband’s Paleo Diet. Well, it has been over two months, and I have to admit, the changes are considerable and worth sharing.

First of all, I was wrong. Yes, ladies, I said I was wrong. Thank God he didn’t hunt the deer of our community, didn’t wear a leopard leotard, or dance naked by the fire on the back patio. Contrary to my belief, he did stick to eating fruits and vegetables like a rabbit and only lean meats like a grizzly bear. Continue reading ““Happy Honey? Show me the money!””

“What is a yute?”

Xiomara Spadafora Naturalization
Welcome to the United States of America. Please, be ready to show your invitation.

Do you remember the movie My Cousin Vinny from 1992 and the exchange between the main character, Vinny Gambini, and Judge Haller at the trial?

Judge Chamberlain Haller: Uh… did you say ‘yutes’?

Vinny Gambini: Yeah, two yutes.

Judge Chamberlain Haller: What is a yute?

Vinny Gambini: [sigh] Oh, excuse me, your honor… [exaggerated] Two YOUTHS.

Although Gamibini and Judge Haller were both American, one could say that they were immigrants from different countries, because people from New York and Alabama are so different based on distinction of accent or food preferences.  Continue reading ““What is a yute?””

“Baby… I am so bored”

Mu husband made the bed
When the bed is empty we remember how much we miss the love of our lives.

Two weeks into the longest vacation I’ve taken since I got married, I can already hear the anxiety in my hubby’s voice. Besides “I love you and I miss you” at the end of every phone conversation, last night my husband said to me: “Baby, I’m so bored”.

No matter how busy our days are, husbands and wives share a special space in time, that regardless of length, builds the ties of marriage. When one is single it is hard to imagine thinking about anybody else but yourself.  Continue reading ““Baby… I am so bored””

“Off course I know how to use the washing machine!”

FullSizeRender (3)
I think the washer and dryer are going to miss me too.

As you read this week’s story, me and my son are at the Orlando International Airport soon to board a Copa Airlines aircraft with destination to my home country, Colombia. For the first time in 10 years since I moved to the US in 2005, I will be staying for a whole month in Bogotá –my vacations so far had always been two weeks max. So, if I am happier than a pig in mud, imagine my Mom; I am her only daughter and my son, her only grandson. Needless to say I felt excitement prior this trip, but also worry; I am leaving my husband in charge of all the duties around the house, and taking care of our doggies, Rusty and Sasha.  Continue reading ““Off course I know how to use the washing machine!””