Falling Star

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Foreword: I know nothing about football–soccer in the US–beyond wearing the Colombian national team’s jersey when my mom reminds me of a World Cup’s qualifying game. Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding James Rodriguez and the Real Madrid motivated me to write about it this week, not to discuss a sports perspective rather than a common sense one.

James Rodriguez’s transfer was the forth most expensive in the history of football clubs. Needless to say I was very proud as were many of my fellow Colombians. However, in my humble sports knowledge I did think, “Is he ready for the big league?” Continue reading “Falling Star”

Brave Heart


Last week my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I thought long and hard and honestly I couldn’t think of something. Don’t get me wrong a new diamond wouldn’t hurt anybody, but I really don’t need anything. Then, I thought of my friend Tricia and decided to give up my wish for hers.

Almost three years ago I met her, a woman like no other in my life time. It was a hot summer day and we were both at the pool chasing after our crazy toddlers. Mine was a little over 3 and hers just 18 months old. Her contagious laugh and loud kindness are the traits that I enjoy the most when I am in her company; she masters the ability of making people feel special.

Time passed and Thomas, her baby boy, struggled to breath and eat. He was born with a congenital defect called Double Aortic Arch, which caused severe vascular compression of the trachea and air restriction into the lungs. Continue reading “Brave Heart”

Cheap News

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Almost every day now there is a controversy about “journalists” or pundits twitting outrageous statements. The latest example was courtesy of a contributor at MSNBC who last Tuesday tweeted “This is my nominee for the first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property” above a picture of the Trump Tower in Istanbul, Turkey.

As I wrote in one of my most shared columns this year, The Power of the Microphone, “Journalists around the world suffer from visions of grandeur and live as prisoners of their egos.” Continue reading “Cheap News”

WWF at 35,000 feet

Mi Vida Gringa

Last Palm Sunday was the beginning of the PR penance that United Airlines will have  to endure this Holy Week, due to the video of the violent altercation between a passenger and security officials at O’Hare  International Airport.

After what happened last weekend, I realized that, before I travel by plane in the near future, I will have to take a few self-defense classes and pack a pair of boxing gloves in my carry-on luggage. Continue reading “WWF at 35,000 feet”

Landslide in Mocoa, Colombia


April began and with it the showers and thunderstorms that terrify my dogs, Rusty and Sasha. On Tuesday, I woke up at 4 a.m. thanks to the lightning crossing the Southeast. Half asleep, I walked to the kitchen to calm down my four-legged babies with a piece of bread.

Two hours later, while eating breakfast, I read the latest reports about the landslide that occurred in Colombia last Saturday evening. More than 280 people were killed, 200 injured, and over 80 persons are still missing.

For one second I wondered, if I am scared while I listen to the heavy rain–even though I know our house is built up to code, on a sturdy terrain that is designated residential–what did the victims feel before the rivers of mud struck them on April 1st? Continue reading “Landslide in Mocoa, Colombia”

“Rushing things can make you tired”


My last vacation in Colombia left me–besides several extra pounds–a new philosophy of life. The days I spent in the country made me reflect about the way I exist in time and how little power I have over it.

The fact is that the Earth moves at the same velocity regardless of the latitude or longitude I am at, and nothing in the Universe can change that. My uncle, who grows rice, lives his life literally and metaphorically, at the speed of light, without rushing. Meanwhile, I live my life as if I were a lab-rat running around in a metal wheel, never reaching the end.

Keeping in mind my geographic limitations, I decided to implement the “country life motto” and apply a couple of small changes to benefit my mental health–if there is any left! Continue reading ““Rushing things can make you tired””

Colombia Enchanted


My loyal readers may have wondered why I did not publish my column last week. Well… I ran away with my husband and son for Spring Break, far from our routine in the US. The destination: my homeland, Colombia.

In a big family, secrets are mission impossible. So, with the help from my uncles, I was able to surprise my mother with our unexpected arrival. Although I almost killed her of a heart attack, we cherished an amazing memory.

Besides the anticipated diabetes comma, induced by the culinary delights gobbled during eight days and seven nights, we visited two marvelous regions of the country: The plain in the state of Casanare, and the mountains in Cundinamarca and Boyacá. Continue reading “Colombia Enchanted”