A Culture of Lying

Xiomara Spadafora Culture of Lying
When I was a kid, I remember getting in trouble for lying. It was the one “sin” I didn’t want to commit, because like the elders always said, trust is something that can’t be unbroken. This doesn’t mean that I never lied—ask my Mom—but at least I tried hard to avoid getting caught or I spilled my guts full of remorse if outed.

However, the world has changed so much that telling the truth seems like an animal facing extinction. The story of the Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte and his imaginary robbery at gun-point story is the latest and best example of this epidemic. Too often people in the public eye—politicians, newscasters, athletes, or celebrities–get away with murder. Why? Because they have either money or power to reinvent truth. Continue reading “A Culture of Lying”

Eating Challenge

Xiomara Spadafora Eating Challenge-001

Five weeks ago I started a diet for the first time in over six years. The last time I embarked on this venture, I had a stronger motivation than vanity. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1, which was causing POCS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome.) In simple words, the unbalanced sugar level in my body was atrophying my reproductive system and destroying my motherhood dream.

The treatment included a zero carbs diet and the diabetes prescription called Metformin, commonly known as Glucophage. The result? I lost 30 pounds between March and June and my sugar level went back to normal. It was the thinnest I’ve ever been in my life, but my skinny days were numbered, because the stork started her trip in August and delivered my baby boy the next April. Continue reading “Eating Challenge”

Olympic Mom

Xiomara Spadafora Love of Gold-001

I have been an Olympics fanatic since I was a little girl. Therefore, last Friday I watched the entire inaugural ceremony of the Rio 2016 Summer Games, and besides learning Brazilian history and a bunch of new country names, I also learned that “Super Model Cat-Walk on High Heels” had became a new sports discipline at the Maracana Stadium.

Kidding aside, over the weekend I watched different competitions of men and women’s cycling, beach volleyball, gymnastics, and swimming, the latter, the sport of Dana Vollmer. This amazing athlete–Gold Medalist of the 100 meters butterfly at the 2012 London Games–returned to the pool to defend her gold and world record. However, she was defeated by Sweden’s Sarah Sjöström, and Canada’s Penny Oleksiak, both 16. Continue reading “Olympic Mom”

Building Blocks for Greatness

Xiomara Spadafora Building Blocks

For the past two and a half years I have been buying my son Lego sets, age appropriate or not. Secretly, I bought them for myself, because I missed out on the experience when I was a kid. Finally, in the past week, my son fell in love with them and has spent hours playing during the last days of the summer vacation before he starts kindergarten.

Although he plays well most of the time, he is a little impatient and complaints if his Lego creations don’t cause intergalactic explosions. Then, I have to remind him to be thankful, telling him about the children all over the world who have nothing to play with, except what they can build with their own hands out of garbage. This is Esteban Quispe’s story; the seventeen-year-old genius from Bolivia who build a robot like Disney’s Wall-E out of waste from a dump. Continue reading “Building Blocks for Greatness”

How to deal with a bully

Xiomara Spadafora Bully-001

As a small business owner, I have had to become a super-combo employee: receptionist, insurance agent, marketing director, and my husband’s favorite, assistant-to-the-President. I can see his satisfaction when he bosses me at the office, and I let him, because he knows that at home he is on my turf.

Out of all the tasks I do, the one I dread the most is picking up the phone. Sadly, the vast majority of callers are rude and desperate. They have little to no patience, except to be understood even in they are mumbling. When I ask them to spell their last names or company names, they shoot off letters at the speed of a machine gun. If it is difficult for a native English speaker, imagine the challenge it is for me! Continue reading “How to deal with a bully”

Handy Man


Last Sunday my husband honored a long standing promise; notwithstanding, it required a small psychological push. The day before we had a cookout at his golf buddy’s home which turned into a talk show. The Wives complained about all the home improvement that needed to be done around the house, but never materialized. The Husbands banded together and gave excuses for all the delays. At the end, we simply told them we were going to hire a handy man.

My husband is a very special man, and he is smart as a fox, but disorganized and messy like a toddler. If I ask him to help me move furniture or rearrange something around the house, he rolls his eyes like a teenager. However, when he sets his mind to doing something and decides to start a project, no matter how much sweat flows–or even blood–he finishes it! Continue reading “Handy Man”

Teachers with Wings

Xiomara  Spadafora Teacher are Angels-002

Last Tuesday my son went back to his initial preschool for a super heroes summer camp. Even though he didn’t attend that school for pre-k, I stayed in contact with one of the directors, especially after some devastating news in early Spring. My son’s first teacher, Miss C, had been diagnosed  with pancreatic cancer.

Six years ago, my oldest uncle lost a short, but courageous battle against the same enemy. Therefore, I knew she didn’t have much time left. Pancreatic cancer is the worst kind, because there has no such thing as “early detection.” When this monster shows its ugly face in a MRI, it’s simply too late. Continue reading “Teachers with Wings”