Choosing Life


Last Sunday, February 18th, Norma McCorvey died; she was the woman behind the legal pseudonym, “Jane Roe” from the American landmark lawsuit Roe v. Wade. The historic and controversial ruling by the Supreme Court of the United States on February 22, 1973 found that individual state laws prohibiting abortion were unconstitutional.

Before I read this case in depth, I thought that Norma McCorvey had herself undergone an abortion during her life. But she never did. Instead, she gave birth to three children: her first daughter, Melissa–who was adopted by her grandmother against McCorvey’s will–and two other unknown babies she gave up for adoption. Continue reading “Choosing Life”

Premature Hearing Loss


The political scenario of the US has become so annoying lately that I had to tune out from social media and do what millions of  millennials do to escape reality: wear earphones.

Nonetheless, no matter how hard I try, I can’t stand them. My ears heat up and the cartilage starts hurting after five minutes. I used to think that I was old fashion, but then I read the report of the study conducted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention released on February 7th about hearing loss in America and felt relieved. One less thing! Continue reading “Premature Hearing Loss”

Welcome to the U.S.


Last Wednesday, February 1, a Colombian young woman was deported from Houston, TX to Bogota after the immigration official denied her entry to the US. Immediately, the Colombian and Hispanic american media published the story under terrorizing tittles about the new discriminatory policies from the Trump administration against all Colombians.

Nevertheless, the so called “journalists” that are prompted to throw a stone and then hide, had to rectify their story just hours after the initial news flash due to the inconsistencies. Continue reading “Welcome to the U.S.”

Ask me nicely…


Although there is a vast geographic distance between my home country, Colombia, and the United States, they have something in common: their current political losers, The Progressive Movement and The Democratic Party respectively.

The similarities are not in name only, but the causes of their protests in the last couple of weeks. In Colombia, it was the beginning of the bull fight season, and in the US our new president Donald J Trump, ironically accused of bullying. Continue reading “Ask me nicely…”

The power of the microphone


Last Friday, January 20, marked the end of the Barack Obama era and the inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. The beginning of the most controversial administration in American history, has generated visceral reactions all over the world.

Near and far, the US has received the opinions of millions of people across the globe, even though they don’t live on American soil; everyone believes they have the right to criticize and disrespect the new President and his family. I read a lot of insults on social media during the past weekend, but there was one that caught my attention because of the nature of the source.

A Colombian “journalist,” who was broadcasting the inauguration o live radio described the new First Lady while broadcasting the inauguration on the radio as follow, “She came to the US as a prostitute and now she is the First Lady.Continue reading “The power of the microphone”

Licence to Procreate


United States is a super power in the world in many aspects. However, there is one area in which it fails like any undeveloped country: the absence of paid maternity leave policy.

When I first moved to the US in 2005, I was 24. I was single and had no plans of having children, yet I thought there was a maternity leave policy similar to my home country Colombia, back then 14 weeks. Soon enough I learned, when one of my best friends had her first baby, that the Family & Medical Leave Act in general only guarantees that a woman won’t lose her job for 12 weeks, but if she wants to get paid, she had to accumulate paid vacation time. Continue reading “Licence to Procreate”

An image is worth a thousand words


Colombia is famous around the world for the beauty and strong personality of its women, and Sofia Vergara has become an ambassador of this trait. She has harvested the fruits of her labor and this is evidenced by five consecutive years as the highest paid TV actress in the US, according to Forbes Magazine.

Besides being one of the sexiest and most recognized Hispanic women in Hollywood, she is a savvy business woman, her husband is eye candy, and she owns a clothing and furniture line. Therefore, I can´t help but ask, why the heck does she diminish herself with jokes that are vulgar and portrays a poor Latina stereotype? Continue reading “An image is worth a thousand words”