The Colombians’ Jersey of Honor

cafe de col.

The 2017 Tour de France began and with it the contagious fever for millions of fans around the world. It even got yours truly as I bought a new bicycle and started riding last Sunday. Of course, it is not a racing one but a beach cruiser so my back doesn’t hurt.

Before I hit the road, I took the bike to the store to get the breaks checked–I didn’t trust my husband doing it! hahaha–and there I had an experience that filled my heart with patriotic pride. The kid behind the counter noticed my accent, when I told him I was Colombian his eyes opened wide and said with respect, “Wow! We need to put you in one of our teams so you can beat them all!Continue reading “The Colombians’ Jersey of Honor”


Summer Vacation in Orlando

1st time Mickey

Last week I took a short vacation and drove to Orlando, Florida to meet one my best friends from grade-school and her entourage. The group included my friend, her husband, her three kids (6,4, and 2), her mom, her gradma, one of her aunts, her two sisters, the boyfriend of one of them, my husband, my son, and yours truly. In other words, we were a football team plus three water boys.

Although our friendship has shared it all–even the year we married and had our first born–the moment she said she was going to visit the theme-parks at Orlando I chose to forfeit the game and catch up with her at the end of her adventure.

So, while my husband and I played a round of golf and rested comfortably at the house I rented in the afternoon, my friend and her family came back at 10 p.m shuffling their feet like zombies, with aches and pains everywhere, sunburned, and wet.
Continue reading “Summer Vacation in Orlando”

Curvy Secret Agents

Yayitas Encubiertas

The countless incidents in which American government officials have been involved with Colombian prostitutes evidence that, these women are like kryptonite for Superman: a lethal substance.

The article published by the Miami Herald on May 26th about the most recent scandal is like the preview of a movie, specially because the Colombian and American authorities kept the situation top secret since it happened on the wee hours of February 4th, 2017. Next, I’ll give you the highlights of the article. Imagine a suspenseful soundtrack and a deep narrator’s voice: Continue reading “Curvy Secret Agents”

Homework for parents


The Summer vacation began and so ended my morning rush for a while. So, yesterday I read an interesting article in a Colombian magazine while I enjoyed my coffee at breakfast. The subject was the debate about providing more leisure time for children and teens, rather than too much after school work to prevent stress and isolation.

I took it upon myself to research the most recent PISA test from 2015 (the triennial international survey that evaluates education performance in math, science and reading for 15-year-old students in the world) and what I found confirmed my thoughts: seven out of the ten top scores where from far east. The same ratio was resent in the PISA 2012. Continue reading “Homework for parents”

Success beyond a diploma

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The month of May is known for the graduations and in my case I had the privilege to enjoy two. My husband’s son graduated from college on May 6th and his daughter from high school last Thursday.

At both ceremonies I saw hundreds of young men and women dressed with their gowns and caps dreaming about their future, following their passion, and making an impact on the world as all millennials desire these days. However, reality is not what they expect and the jobs with the high profile careers are scarce. Continue reading “Success beyond a diploma”

Falling Star

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Foreword: I know nothing about football–soccer in the US–beyond wearing the Colombian national team’s jersey when my mom reminds me of a World Cup’s qualifying game. Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding James Rodriguez and Real Madrid motivated me to write about it this week, not from a sports perspective, but rather than a common sense one.

James Rodriguez’s transfer was the fourth most expensive in the history of football clubs. Needless to say I was very proud as were many of my fellow Colombians. However, in my humble sports knowledge I did think, “Is he ready for the big league?” Continue reading “Falling Star”

Brave Heart


Last week my husband asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. I thought long and hard and honestly I couldn’t think of something. Don’t get me wrong a new diamond wouldn’t hurt anybody, but I really don’t need anything. Then, I thought of my friend Tricia and decided to give up my wish for hers.

Almost three years ago I met her, a woman like no other in my life time. It was a hot summer day and we were both at the pool chasing after our crazy toddlers. Mine was a little over 3 and hers just 18 months old. Her contagious laugh and loud kindness are the traits that I enjoy the most when I am in her company; she masters the ability of making people feel special.

Time passed and Thomas, her baby boy, struggled to breath and eat. He was born with a congenital defect called Double Aortic Arch, which caused severe vascular compression of the trachea and air restriction into the lungs. Continue reading “Brave Heart”