Lack of Compassion


Last Wednesday, September 12th, I listened to the live radio interview of a Colombian actress, Eileen Moreno. She gave her version of a brutal beating she received from her boyfriend, the also actor Alejandro Garcia, during a stay in Mexico. Her recounting of the events–which occurred almost two months ago–was nothing but gruesome.

As was to be expected, the Colombian social media erupted in an overwhelming support for the actress under the hashtag #NiUnaMas (not one more). Celebrities, politicians, and the general public joined in by posting their selfies covering one eye, imitating Eileen Moreno’s public complaint image.

Nonetheless, beside the bruises, what caught my attention from Moreno’s story was the action, o rather the inaction of the doorman of the building where the assault happened, and the authorities who were summoned after the altercation.

The lack of empathy exhibited by these men is the symptom of a fast spreading disease in Mexico: violence against women, and the data backs it up.

The report “La Violencia Feminicida en México, Aproximaciones y Tendencias 1985 – 2016” (Femicide Violence in Mexico, Approach and Trends) sponsored by Mexican federal agencies and UN Women, registered 2.746 female deaths in 2016. In other words, 7.5 women were killed in Mexico every day. 

To bring some perspective, the United States exceeds Mexico population by 200 million and the number of female homicides for 2016 was 1,809.

After reading the statistics, I clearly understood the doorman’s attitude toward Eileen Moreno. I also comprehended why the police officer dared to question the victim about pressing charges against her boyfriend because according to him, “women always regret it afterward.

This story paints a sad picture of the Mexican society. Watching a woman bleeding from her nose, covering her black eye and broken soul is no reason for alarm. on the contrary, it is a motive for skepticism and shaming.

In conclusion, intimate partner violence is a private matter, and usually, all good Samaritans who get involved end up crucified. However, Eileen Moreno asked for compassion and received nothing but indolence and negligence.

This case is still under investigation, and although more details will shed light on the events of that horrible night, nothing justifies a man raising his hand to a woman because his force will always overpower hers.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Xiomara Spadafora.

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