Ask me nicely…


Although there is a vast geographic distance between my home country, Colombia, and the United States, they have something in common: their current political losers, The Progressive Movement and The Democratic Party respectively.

The similarities are not in name only, but the causes of their protests in the last couple of weeks. In Colombia, it was the beginning of the bull fight season, and in the US our new president Donald J Trump, ironically accused of bullying.

Nonetheless, the most striking similarity between these losers is the modus operandi of their protesters, characterized by extreme violence and obscene language displayed in both capitals.

In Bogotá, animal defenders occupied the streets and attacked the bullfight fans with red paint, rude language, and flying objects which required the presence of law enforcement and the equivalent of the local SWAT teams to dismantle the clash.

Now, let’s see what has happened in Washington. The so called “resistance” has blocked traffic, torched vehicles, vandalized establishments, and even threatened to blow up the White House, all with the approval and support of the main stream media.

But the worst is that, in both countries, many of their demonstrators are always wearing ski masks. And so I ask, if their cause is so legitimate and just, why do they cover their faces?

Freedom of expression is as inalienable as it is a necessary right to maintain a healthy democracy. However, when the initiative of the protest falls in the hands of professional paid instigators–hired and sponsored by the political parties and ultra left rich with the sole purpose to disrupt and destroy public and private property–it losses all legitimacy.

In the past, demonstrators were the victims of the police. Today, is they who victimize law enforcement and anyone who dares not to join them.

In the end, regardless of the justice behind the message, it gets rejected emphatically by the victims who have to pick up the broken glass.

One of the most remembered and significant marches in modern US history is the one led by Martin Luther King Jr. in 1963. The Great March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom that propelled the Civil Rights Act of 1964, intended to end the segregation of African-american communities.

If you haven’t heard Dr. King’s speech, I invite you to. More than a political speech it is a poem to fraternity. Without throwing a stone or using bad words, Martin Luther King reached the attendees and the TV viewers and asked them to dream, like him, with a future in color instead of  black and white.

Like the saying goes, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar,” and even my young son knows this well. If he asks me to play with the iPad, with a snarky tone, he loses the iPad and maybe the TV. But, if he asks nicely, I even give him a cookie.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Xiomara Spadafora

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