100% fruit juice is also 100% sugar

glass of apricot carrot juice on blue wooden table
Photo by Alexander Mils on Pexels.com

Sugary beverages have had a bulls-eye on their back for many years due to their impact on obesity and the part they play in many types of cancer, including mouth, pharynx, larynx, esophageal, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, kidney, colorectal, liver, breast, endometrial, and prostate.

Nevertheless, no previous investigation had equalized 100% fruit juices to sugary drinks like sodas or sport and energy beverages until last week. On July 10th, the British Medical Journal published the results of a cohort study of Nutri-Net Santé in France.

Since 2009 and until 2017, more than 101,000 volunteers over 18 and without cancer (21.3% male and 78.7% female) completed lifestyle questionnaires, 24 hour eating diaries, and weight measurements every six months. See study. 

The results were 2,193 first time cancer cases: 693 breast, 291 prostate, and 166 colorectal. Each one was corroborated by Nutri-Net Santé doctors who reached out to the physicians and hospitals where the patients were examined. The average age of diagnosis was 58.5 years.

The rate of incidence divided by sugary drink type was:

19% Artificially sweetened beverages (sodas)

36% Sugary drinks except 100% fruit juices

45% Fruit Juices 100% (blends) 

The highlight of this study is the breakthrough-finding related to the consumption of sugary drinks and the visceral adiposity independent of body weight. In other words, even if an individual does not gain weight on the outside, his or her organs do on the inside.

One hundred percent fruit juices and blends have become one of the symbols of fitness fashion, being advertised heavily as healthy and essential sources of vitamins and energy.

However, consumers have not been educated about fructose and how it is processed by the body in the same way other sugars are. Therefore, a smoothie has the same effect as a chocolate cake.

As I have written in the past, a healthy and balance diet is better when it is varied, trying not to eat the same foods on a daily basis.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Xiomara Spadafora

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