Falling Star

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Foreword: I know nothing about football–soccer in the US–beyond wearing the Colombian national team’s jersey when my mom reminds me of a World Cup’s qualifying game. Nevertheless, the controversy surrounding James Rodriguez and Real Madrid motivated me to write about it this week, not from a sports perspective, but rather than a common sense one.

James Rodriguez’s transfer was the fourth most expensive in the history of football clubs. Needless to say I was very proud as were many of my fellow Colombians. However, in my humble sports knowledge I did think, “Is he ready for the big league?”

The arrival of the “number 10” to Spain in 2014, generated magazine articles dripping disdain and constantly questioning the exorbitant price the elite club had paid for James. Three years passed and the articles didn’t changed a bit. Now they have a satisfaction undertone in light a possible farewell.

James Rodriguez’s talent in unquestionable. Proof of this are the recent statements from the head coaches of the Premier League who have an eye on the Colombian player plus the 75 million euros price ticket the Real Madrid placed on the table to let him go.

Nonetheless, in the three years that James has spent as bench warmer for Real Madrid, new players have jumped into the international arena stealing his thunder and jeopardizing his future in British football.

Yesterday, The Sun, published an article contradicting the reports from the Colombian and Spanish press about a done deal between Rodriguez’s agent and Manchester United set to be announced this upcoming Sunday. But, it looks like the head coach, Jose Mourinho, wants to wait for the results of two other players bids.

In other words, the all-you-can-eat buffet is served with fresh dishes and James is the leftover.

Several articles blame his smug attitude and some bad blood between him and the Real Madrid’s boss, Zinedine Zidane, for the limited play time in decisive games. In my opinion the cause is simpler: James was not ready for prime and was forced to mature before his time.

I completely understand that playing with the coveted team was his childhood dream and refusing the multi-million contract would have been hard to do. However, his agent Jose Mendes, who also represents the super star Ronaldo Cristiano and knows the soccer business game board to perfection, could have thought a better move.

James should have stayed at Monaco where he would have reigned. He could have start every single game and perhaps win the trophies necessary to validate his rising star. But, he chose the limelight and joined the Real Madrid’s roster. A team crowded with big stars that turn the little ones into falling stars.

The reality is that, Jose Mendes, the agent responsible for the most expensive transfers in the history of world soccer, is a clever business man who always wins even if his clients lose.

The love that the Colombian fans feel for James is like a mother’s love for her pretty little boy. The memories of the best goal and the golden boot at the World Cup Brasil 2014 are still fresh.

But, for the rest of the world that is already in the past, and the press that propelled  him to the top like beer foam, ironically mocks his future. Time will determine what jersey the 25 year-old midfielder will wear next.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Xiomara Spadafora

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