Time is up Turkey!


I must confess; for many years I didn’t like celebrating Thanksgiving. I considered it “for gringos only” because I didn’t understand the meaning and I cared too little to Google it. But things changed for a couple of reasons. First, my son’s preschool recitals. How could I not fall for the spirit of this holiday after  seeing my baby boy dressed up as a little Indian, with a feather-hat and painted face, dancing to the music from the drums with his genetic Latin feel?

The second reason is less sentimental and it satisfies a physiological need: The Turkey. It is estimated that more than 50 million turkeys will see their last sunrise in the US. Just the thought of its juicy, golden skin, bronzed to perfection–thanks to my husband’s skill which he has perfected over the years–makes me drool like my dogs Rusty and Sasha.

Even though Thanksgiving is a unique holiday that sets the United States apart in the world and the history behind this date about religious liberty is so profound, it really is an eating contest. The moment the big bird is set on the table, guests turn into starving, castaway people who fill their plates with gigantic quantities of proteins, carbs, and sugars.

Actually, if you want to take advantage of someone or close a deal, do it after the Thanksgiving feast. The blood stream concentrates in the stomach and clear thinking is impaired for several hours, leaving just a few neurons to think about important decisions. If I am asked, I could probably give away the deed to my house.

Thanksgiving is the gateway to the end of the year and the perfect opportunity to think about the good and the bad things that happened to us. I thank God for our family, our health, and our triumphs, big and small.

Back in 1621, the Pilgrims from the Mayflower celebrated their perseverance and survival in a new world with their Wampanoag Indian mentors. Without knowing it, these pioneers–fleeing oppression and authoritarianism–originated the American Dream that so many of us have pursued.

So, natives and immigrants, let’s raise a turkey leg and say cheers to America. Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Xiomara Spadafora

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One Reply to “Time is up Turkey!”

  1. Hi Xio!

    Great Blog !! Clever humor laced with real history. You are a pro.

    Hi Gabe.. I wanna hear you play when I get to Jacksonville next.

    Cya Soon,
    Uncle Bin…

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