A Lifetime of Presents

Xiomara Spadafora A Lifetime of PresentsLast week was an important week. First, my Mom arrived on Thursday and she will be staying for a month. When she walked through the door, I could hear my dog Rusty saying, “Thank God Nana is back!” and Sasha adding, “I know, I’m sick and tired of the doggy food and the late walks!

The second important event was my son’s fifth birthday. Once again, I felt the sweet nostalgia remembering the first time I saw him after the longest fast of my life–nothing but darn ice chips during the twenty nine hours of labor.

Joking aside, I still can’t believe that modern medicine hasn’t figured out a way to feed mothers during labor, a task that requires the amount of energy intake for the decathlon at the Olympics.

While it was still dark outside, I went to his room and woke him up with a surprisingly in-tune “Happy Birthday” song, and when he opened his eyes and smiled at me, I cried a river. He dried my tears and I simply said, “You are the best thing in my life.

When it came to choose the subject of this week’s column, I reflected on the last five years. My little man is now somewhat independent—he can go potty alone and… pretty much that’s it—which makes my life a little easier, allowing me to think about my needs before his, my husband’s, and my dogs’.

For example, now I can enjoy my pedicures, including the long leg massage. In the past, I used to tell the ladies at the spa to skip the rubbing and to hurry up because I had to go home. How many times I ruined my toes’ fresh nail polish with the pedals of my car because I didn’t sit under the miniature fan.

My husband would say that I hurried home because I was worried he would lose our son. The good thing is that now my son can watch my husband!

Besides the emotional changes, I also noticed a few physical ones. My hair grew a lot, so now I can let it down because it has a cool wavy shape. During the infancy and toddler years of my son, my hair was frizzy like a broom, so I had to keep it short or up in a pony-tail.

Also, the stubborn extra pounds of belly fat seem to be melting away, slowly, without the threat of the scalpel. I think my mind is finally finding its balance point allowing my metabolism to do its job. However, this is an aspect I know will change as I am an emotional eater, but what the heck, right now I can get in my pants without any Crisco!

My husband has also noticed a  difference in me. When we talk, I am finally listening to him not just staring like my dogs do when I have food in my hands. I don’t know if it were the hormones or the tiredness, but now we can communicate and enjoy our little world together where kids and other distractions are simply not allowed.

And the last change, the one I am enjoying the most, is my new automobile. Last Saturday, I had to return my SUV because the lease was up. I quoted a new one, but the price was ridiculous to say the least. So, on a hunch, I called “The Ultimate Driving Machine” dealership and negotiated alone, like a pro, a great deal.

I drove SUVs for ten years because of the comfort and the ease to getting kids in and out of the car. But when I jumped in my little toy and I heard the engine go vroom vroom, I smiled and sped away leaving the other cars behind at the stop light. Even though it was my son’s birthday, I celebrated too. Motherhood is indeed a lifetime of presents.

Thanks for reading and sharing.

Xiomara Spadafora

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  1. Very nice and cute story, this comes from your heart. Each year from your son will come with new life’s experiences. Enjoy the moment because time passes very fast. Congratulations!

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