Good Crazy Woman

Xiomara Spadafora Good Crazy Woman
Fifty-two weeks ago, my furry baby, Rusty, made me chase him around the dining table, because he wouldn’t get in his crate and I had to leave with my son for a doctor’s appointment. (Read the full story Chase with a broom)

Sweaty and defeated, I flipped him off and put the broom back in the garage. When I came back into the house, he got inside the crate, on his own, and gave me a look as if saying, “You can’t control me biacth!

That episode made me understand that I was suffering from a delusional desire to control everything in my life: my motherhood, my marriage, my women issues, and my dogs. Then, the writing muse that had been hibernating in my mind for ten years, woke up and I created this blog. Week after week, writing about the events in my life helped me understand the volatility of life itself.

For those who have followed me from the beginning–my husband, my Mom, my sister-in-law AKA Proof Reader, and my closest friends and family–thank you for going along with this naive venture. And to all those who don’t know me at a personal level, but had become my loyal readers in the past year, you can’t imagine how much you inspire me to write, regardless how tired my eyes are after work, or how big the mountain of clothes to fold is.

The views per month continue to grow–1,000+ for the last two months–which makes my husband very happy as he dreams of retiring early and playing golf all day while I write. However, if I want to make my husband’s dream come true, I need to start making adjustments suggested by a SEO (search engine optimization) expert.

They recommended that I make the blog Google friendly–whatever the heck that means. The internet is still the twilight zone to me and I am a total disaster with computers. I have had at least five laptops in the past two years, and every time I am going to print something, the darn thing jams or won’t stop printing!

My husband knows this and if I ever try to use his laptop, he literally jumps of his chair  and tackles me to keep me from destroying his computer.

So, the first step into making the blog easier to find and remember, was changing its name. I re-read several of my past columns and I came to the conclusion that pretty much I am crazy–I’m lying, I’ve know that for a long time. Nevertheless, I am not crazy-crazy, but good-crazy. Therefore, look at the address bar… Yeah baby! 

Good-crazy indeed. And how can I not go crazy? I am a woman! Our female existence is nothing but a series of emotional and physiological events fueled by raging amounts of hormones. Yet, being a woman is poetic and I wouldn’t want to be a man–except for the convenience of peeing standing up, public bathrooms gross me out.

Because my life is Just Another Day, this Good Crazy Woman will continue writing it every Wednesday.

Thank you for reading and sharing.

Xiomara Spadafora

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