Who said it’s too late?

It’s never too late to finish the sentence “when I grow up…

Dear reader, I am proud and pleased to present to you the launching of my own literary website xiomaraspadafora.com

Designed and hosted by Opium Atelier, it is the accomplishment of one of the goals I set for my life five years ago. If you are a procrastinator like me, you can understand how important this is and how much determination and perseverance it required. 

But why now? Well, 2015 marked the tenth year anniversary of a very important milestone: the beginning of my life in the United States. The day I set foot on American territory, my life changed forever because I not only changed countries, but also professions. I started selling insurance and left my passion for writing and journalism packed in one of my suitcases. I realized very soon that my accent didn’t qualify for the nightly news in Orlando.

Time passed and on March 28th the palms of my hands started itching and it wasn’t money; it was the need to write again. I created my blog, It’s Just Another Day and wrote my first story “Chase on a broom” about my dog Rusty’s rebellion against his crate.

Week after week my desire to write strengthened and when I turned 35 this past June I made a decision: “The next decade are my golden years. If JLo made it big after 40, so can I.” Off course, I am keeping it real. I am not expecting to grow an amazing butt all of the sudden or become an American Idol judge.

What I mean, is that for the next 10 years I want to live my life to the fullest and work as hard as I possibly can to become a better writer. Earning the loyalty of more readers is a steep path, but I am eager to climb it because I want to do what makes me truly happy: telling stories. I want to make sure that the day I look back at my past, I’ll feel proud because—regardless of material success-I followed my dream and gave it my all.

Life gives us many chances to ride the train of our personal satisfaction, but only we can buy the ticket and chose the date of the trip.

I already packed my bags so I leave you this week’s story. Loving someone includes supporting his projects and life changes. This month, my husband started the Paleolithic Diet, after one of my cousins talked him into it during our vacation in Colombia. In 2010, he had a massive heart attack at age 50; regardless of weekly workouts and fit lifestyle, he is always searching for ways to stay healthy and in shape. When this happened, I was five months pregnant; therefore, the thought of not being there for me and his kids, still haunt him.

Based on this diet, he is determined to remove all processed foods and eat only lean meats, fresh fruits, and nonstarchy vegetables. The premise of the Paleo-Diet diet, is that we should follow the nutritional regiment humans consumed millions of years ago, and avoid the man-made foods that are proven to cause heart disease, metabolic syndrome, and cancer as well as other diseases. The results are worth the try and after 10 days he already feels the change.

What I am concerned about is that one day, I might find him dressed in a leopard leotard, armed with a bow and arrow, hunting deer in the woods of our community!

Whatever it takes to make him feel better, I will do it. As I make fun of him, he also jokes that because of my poor diet, when I am older, I will have to use a walker and he will be doing push-ups and flirting with the nurses at my geriatric home.

The lesson this week is to learn from my husband’s discipline. Every morning, I look at his bowl of cantaloupe, carrots, raisins and cinnamon at breakfast, and can’t help but see a rabbit with my husband’s reading glasses sitting at our kitchen table reading the newspaper. Time will tell if this was a good change for him. I just have to make sure to keep the fridge fully stocked so my “caveman” won’t feel the need to go hunting or dancing naked around a fire on the patio.

Remember, it’s never too late to start following our dreams or a new diet as long as it makes us happy.

Thanks for reading and again, welcome to xiomaraspadafora.com Feel free to snoop around!

Xiomara Spadafora

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3 Replies to “Who said it’s too late?”

  1. Very good and interesting story. This is the start of your career. You will have a lot of readers waiting every week.
    Congratulations !!!


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