The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


Last Monday my husband, my son, and yours truly hit the streets of our neighborhood dressed up as Death, Optimum Prime Transformer, and sexy witch, respectively for Halloween. My husband will tell you that my costume fit me to perfection–not only size wise, but also because of my mischievous intuition. By magic, if the weather is nice, I can tell you exactly where my husband is after work: golfing.

Before we left the house for the “Trick or Treat” marathon–there is no other way to call it when you have a five-year-old–I made sure we didn’t walk through one of the nearby streets. A couple of weeks ago, I received an alert through Facebook, about a sex offender moving into our community. When I clicked on the attachment to see the picture of the “monster,” I looked into his eyes and felt a chill run through my spine. Continue reading “The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”