More than BFFs

Lifetime friendship is the most valuable treasure and the cheapest to nurture.
Lifetime friendship is the most valuable treasure and it only costs coins of sincerity.

Being only child taught me early on that I had to be emotionally independent and face the challenges in life without “second opinions”. Although, my mom’s siblings were almost my own–they were still in school and living with my grandmother, my mom, and me while I grew up–I was still flying solo most of the time.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my solitude. I played with dolls, read books, and imagined having conversations with fictional characters that were everywhere all the time –don’t worry; I am not a schizophrenic, though my husband would beg to differ!  Continue reading “More than BFFs”

“Baby… I am so bored”

Mu husband made the bed
When the bed is empty we remember how much we miss the love of our lives.

Two weeks into the longest vacation I’ve taken since I got married, I can already hear the anxiety in my hubby’s voice. Besides “I love you and I miss you” at the end of every phone conversation, last night my husband said to me: “Baby, I’m so bored”.

No matter how busy our days are, husbands and wives share a special space in time, that regardless of length, builds the ties of marriage. When one is single it is hard to imagine thinking about anybody else but yourself.  Continue reading ““Baby… I am so bored””

Birth Right

My little man doesn't know differences in people. He just jumped right in the circle and played.
In the eyes of my little man, kids and people are just people without labels of any kind.

My son and I have been in Bogotá for a week now. Besides the normal adjustment to the colder weather and altitude–my home town is 8,530 feet above level of the sea–we have enjoyed the company of my Mom, Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins –and their dogs, and my best friend from high school and her kids. Yes, you are not mistaking; in only one week I already have seen all those people.  Continue reading “Birth Right”

“Off course I know how to use the washing machine!”

FullSizeRender (3)
I think the washer and dryer are going to miss me too.

As you read this week’s story, me and my son are at the Orlando International Airport soon to board a Copa Airlines aircraft with destination to my home country, Colombia. For the first time in 10 years since I moved to the US in 2005, I will be staying for a whole month in Bogotá –my vacations so far had always been two weeks max. So, if I am happier than a pig in mud, imagine my Mom; I am her only daughter and my son, her only grandson. Needless to say I felt excitement prior this trip, but also worry; I am leaving my husband in charge of all the duties around the house, and taking care of our doggies, Rusty and Sasha.  Continue reading ““Off course I know how to use the washing machine!””

The “Puppy” Side

Rusty can sense storms long before they arrive. As brave and he is, he turns into a puppy and shakes like a leaf when it rains.
Rusty can sense storms long before they arrive. That’s why he runs to the window to face his enemy, but then starts shaking.

Last week was the hottest week of my life. Not because I ran to an exotic island with my husband, but because literally it was the hottest week in Jacksonville in many years. I have lived in this city since 2007 and never before had I seen my car’s temperature reader reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit –plus 10 degrees of heat index —  in the middle of June. The heat, and worse, the humidity, were so bad that even the swimming pool at out community turned into hot soup. Instead of cooling it was boiling. How I wished I was a cold-blooded reptile!  Continue reading “The “Puppy” Side”

“Whatever can happen will happen” Part II

“The 3 Amigos” created a bond for life.

The day after my birthday, I woke up a year older. I can still remember how slow the years passed when I was a teenager. Now, years travel at the speed of light and are unstoppable like a freight train. Nevertheless, I looked in the mirror wearing a new two-piece bathing suit and I said to myself “Not bad… still can be fixed with a little liposuction”.

While I was pasting my face with a mix of sunscreen and foundation –best way to avoid sunburn by the way– my son was getting all geared up with beach stuff, my stepdaughter was yawning on the couch, and my husband was walking out the door to play golf with his brothers. Our vacation had officially began, and I couldn’t wait to stretch out on a beach chair and take in as much as vitamin D from the sun as I could.  Continue reading ““Whatever can happen will happen” Part II”

“Whatever can happen will happen” Part I

Nothing like cake and love to end a bad day!
Birthday to me means cake, candles, and wish no matter what!

My husband is the youngest of four siblings who are spread out all over the United States. His oldest brother lives in Texas, his only sister lives in Missouri, his older brother lives in Ohio, and we live in Florida. Since my mother in law passed, five years ago, the whole family has not been reunited. Therefore, it became their purpose to make it happen this summer.  Continue reading ““Whatever can happen will happen” Part I”