Never turn your back

The only things which didn't survived my absence were the front door plants.
The only victims in my absence were the front door plants.

The time to go home arrived last Monday, and once again I cried in the airplane–after crying at my mom’s house and at the gate of our flight—when I saw a Colombian flag waving in the air through the window during take off. You would think that after 10 years of living abroad it gets easier; it doesn’t. Actually, it gets harder because the older I get, my heart grows bigger and I love my mother and my family even more.

Another love that grows when I am away from my country, is the love for the small things that add to daily life; especially the love for the beauty salons and the help around the house. Even though I can’t see myself living in Colombia anytime soon, I know that I will grow old there. I already told my husband that we are retiring in my home country, because I am not willing to see myself in gray hair or vacuuming our house.  Continue reading “Never turn your back”

I promise not to change

The only thing I am willing to change is the imperfection that Photoshop can fix.
The only things I am willing to change are the imperfections that photo editors can fix.

Last Friday my husband landed in Bogotá, and with his arrival, the last week of our vacation in Colombia started. When I picked him up at the airport I asked how his layover in Panama City went. “No problems baby“, he answered completely relaxed as he landed 30 minutes before schedule.

Do you want to know my experience? No AC at the concourse where our connection gate was, an hour delay to board, and last but not least, a 30 minute wait inside the airplane with my cranky and sleepy four year old. The line of aircrafts on the runway looked like a Wal-Mart on Black Friday! Anyways, my hubby made it safe and sound; my son got his wrestling buddy back, and I got my soul mate as well.  Continue reading “I promise not to change”

More than BFFs

Lifetime friendship is the most valuable treasure and the cheapest to nurture.
Lifetime friendship is the most valuable treasure and it only costs coins of sincerity.

Being only child taught me early on that I had to be emotionally independent and face the challenges in life without “second opinions”. Although, my mom’s siblings were almost my own–they were still in school and living with my grandmother, my mom, and me while I grew up–I was still flying solo most of the time.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my solitude. I played with dolls, read books, and imagined having conversations with fictional characters that were everywhere all the time –don’t worry; I am not a schizophrenic, though my husband would beg to differ!  Continue reading “More than BFFs”

“Whatever can happen will happen” Part II

“The 3 Amigos” created a bond for life.

The day after my birthday, I woke up a year older. I can still remember how slow the years passed when I was a teenager. Now, years travel at the speed of light and are unstoppable like a freight train. Nevertheless, I looked in the mirror wearing a new two-piece bathing suit and I said to myself “Not bad… still can be fixed with a little liposuction”.

While I was pasting my face with a mix of sunscreen and foundation –best way to avoid sunburn by the way– my son was getting all geared up with beach stuff, my stepdaughter was yawning on the couch, and my husband was walking out the door to play golf with his brothers. Our vacation had officially began, and I couldn’t wait to stretch out on a beach chair and take in as much as vitamin D from the sun as I could.  Continue reading ““Whatever can happen will happen” Part II”

“Whatever can happen will happen” Part I

Nothing like cake and love to end a bad day!
Birthday to me means cake, candles, and wish no matter what!

My husband is the youngest of four siblings who are spread out all over the United States. His oldest brother lives in Texas, his only sister lives in Missouri, his older brother lives in Ohio, and we live in Florida. Since my mother in law passed, five years ago, the whole family has not been reunited. Therefore, it became their purpose to make it happen this summer.  Continue reading ““Whatever can happen will happen” Part I”

Bloom Again

My hibiscus
My hibiscus flowers survived my husband’s neglect.

During the past holiday weekend I had the fortune of spending time with two of my best friends –one, my “partner in crime” from the college adventures at Javeriana University who lives in Orlando, and the other one, her cousin who lives in Miami, and who I met when I moved to the U.S. in 2005. Due to the distance between us, we always meet in Orlando.

My husband and my son stayed home and gave me the “day off” –something that never happened before, but that will happen again soon!– to travel to Orlando and join the “musketeers”. From the moment of my arrival and throughout 20 full hours, the “three amigas” talked, without catching a breath, about all the things that happened in the past two months. Five kids, two husbands, one ex-husband, and one ex-boyfriend had their turn in the “chain saw”. However, the recent ex-boyfriend became our favorite subject and consumed most of our verbal surgical training.  Continue reading “Bloom Again”