Good Crazy Woman

Xiomara Spadafora Good Crazy Woman
Fifty-two weeks ago, my furry baby, Rusty, made me chase him around the dining table, because he wouldn’t get in his crate and I had to leave with my son for a doctor’s appointment. (Read the full story Chase with a broom)

Sweaty and defeated, I flipped him off and put the broom back in the garage. When I came back into the house, he got inside the crate, on his own, and gave me a look as if saying, “You can’t control me biacth!Continue reading “Good Crazy Woman”

Don’t drink and drive!

drivinggranny-660x495Last Wednesday was my Grandmother’s birthday. 82 and counting. This woman very well could be a relative of Superman, because of all the things she has endured in her life; I think she is also made of steel.

Born in the 1930’s in a republic that was going through turmoil, she couldn’t finish school, and as the times dictated the destiny of women, she could only marry and bear children. Continue reading “Don’t drink and drive!”

A Bowl of Americana

I guess my husband was so hungry when he bought the ribs, that he thought each of us could eat one rack.

Last Sunday, for the first time in the 10 years that I have lived in America, I watched the entire Super Bowl 50, including the half-time shows, post game interviews, and the presentation of the Super Bowl Trophy.

I have to admit that I even found myself rooting for the Broncos over the Panthers, not because they are a better team–that I have no idea–but because I love the horse logo and the colors of the uniform. Continue reading “A Bowl of Americana”

The War of the Beasts

Elephants Vs Donkeys 01 JPEG
If I could choose the mascots for the political parties, I would pick a couple of sloths, because in the end, they both move at the same speed.

The Election Season has officially begun and with it, the constant harassment from political candidates, regardless of party affiliation. Every time my home phone rings, I know that the caller is a campaign volunteer asking me for money and for my vote.

Last week, I decided to pick up the phone even though I tripped over one of my dogs and almost killed myself on the edge of the kitchen counter–my pups always stand by my feet while I serve their dinner.

Continue reading “The War of the Beasts”

My Powerball

FullSizeRender (10)
Lucky, lucky, lucky numbers!

Last Saturday was the biggest Powerball drawing in US history, reaching almost a staggering billion dollars. On Sunday morning, before I knew there were no winners, I didn’t want to see their faces on TV. Even though I consider myself a nice person, I probably would have punched them if I saw them on the street for having such luck.

Kidding aside–I have never punched anybody in my life–I imagined winning all this money for a second. “What would I do?” I asked myself. After short consideration, these are the first five things that came to mind: Continue reading “My Powerball”

Throw Away

Xiomara Spadafora Throw Away
On Sunday, my husband will be missing the Leprechaun cover for one of his golf clubs.

So… we start a new year, and, after eating and drinking myself into a coma on New Year’s Eve–plus surviving a three day hangover–it is time to get down to business and tackle resolutions for 2016.

However, before I started writing this post, I read the wishes I made before midnight last Thursday. As long as I can remember, my mother and I have had this tradition of writing 12 wishes on a piece of paper, eating 12 grapes–one for each wish–and keeping them all year in our wallets.

It is such a simple, but meaningful tradition, that even my husband adopted it. Even though he makes fun of my “Colombian Witchcraft,” as he calls it—he makes up stories about me killing a chicken and marking the front door with its blood–now he is the first one to start writing his wishes right before midnight.  Continue reading “Throw Away”

Most Viewed of 2015

Xiomara Spadafora New Year 2016
I have worn this tiara for five years in a row. It is, indeed, one of my many New Year’s Eve traditions.

2015 is now hours away from its end. 40 posts, including this one, make me feel proud, because for the first time in many years, I defeated my tendency to procrastinate my goals. I recovered my youth’s dream and I see myself as a writer, now and forever.

Evidently, this would have never happened without you, my readers. Everyday, the stats of the website show me that somebody, out there in the world, is giving me a few minutes of his or her valuable time to read my stories. For that, I am deeply grateful and humbled.

Today, I am not posting a new column, but giving you the posts with the most views per category. If you don’t agree, feel free to write a comment or email me your choice

Motherhood: First Day of School

Marriage: Happy Honey? Show me the money!

Women: Date Night

Dogs: Bad Haircut

I wish you the best the New Year 2016 may bring you. Cheers!

Xiomara Spadafora

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