Let’s get a pedicure, please!

Summer foot
My foot on vacation at Destin, FL

Next Monday is Memorial Day. Compared to my home country Colombia –which has holidays for each Catholic saint, and beauty pageants for every grain, vegetable, and fruit– in America, we hold those few holidays dear to our hearts.

This weekend, in particular, represents the gateway to Summer 2015 and the display of undesired views such as unpedicured toe nails that look like hawk claws.  Continue reading “Let’s get a pedicure, please!”

Relationship to the patient: Mother

it's a boyI will never forget the first time I wrote the word  “mother” referring to myself. It was two days before I was scheduled to be induced to deliver my son -April 5th, 2011- and I had to fill out some paperwork at Baptist South Medical Center. The nurse highlighted with a marker the areas that I had to complete. One of the lines read ‘relationship to the patient’ referring to the unborn child. Right there, it struck me like a bolt of lighting and I said out loud “Oh… this is the first time I write this. I am a mom!“, the nurse giggled.  Continue reading “Relationship to the patient: Mother”

Optimus Mom

Optimus Prime piñata
The Optimus Prime piñata endured the batting of five kids and three dads.

Last Sunday was my son’s 4th birthday party and I thought I had learned something from the previous 3. But I didn’t. Once again I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off for two hours before the party. I had to pick up pending supplies at two different stores in the middle of church traffic. Did I mentioned I live in North Florida? There are churches on almost every corner.

Finally, I made it home with a bunch of balloons covered by a huge bag that looked like a flying mattress, a Transformers cake and 4 bags of ice and soda. I scrambled to put the last touches on the decorations, which I spent the entire morning hanging and taping on the walls and ceiling. Then I had a glass of water, the only thing I drank since breakfast, and enjoyed the silence before the storm.  Continue reading “Optimus Mom”