Super Hero

Iron Man child size
After looking at different toys my son ‘dug his claws’ into a mask and a muscles shirt of Iron Man which he wore immediately.

Last Tuesday my husband had a very important meeting in Sarasota, Florida. If you recall my dear hubby injured his back and leg golfing at the beginning of April. I have a confession to make; the first week I actually laughed behind his back every time I saw him limp. Now, three weeks and over half a dozen chiropractic sessions later, my heart goes out to him. This is why on Monday night I told him, “I don’t think you should drive baby. How about we come with you?” His face lit up.  Continue reading “Super Hero”

“Yes baby, I’m fine…”

Sharp mind in a sharp body
Age is not only a mental state. No matter how much it hurts, we have to accept our body’s limitations.

This past week I noticed my husband was limping. I asked him, “Are you o.k. baby?” and he said, “Yes baby, I’m fine…” A couple of days passed and he started to get quiet. That was my cue; I knew something was going on. Yet, I asked him if he was feeling well but he answered again, “Yes baby, I’m fine…,” as he stretched and squatted in the family room letting out quiet grunts and muffled curses.

Around seven o’clock on Friday evening–after playing 18 holes with some business partners–he limped into our bedroom and dropped on the bed. I asked him again, “Are you o.k. baby?” even though I thought I was going to get the same B.S. answer, but this time he admitted, “I screwed up.” Then, he showed me where the pain was and that it was radiating from his groin down to his knee.  Continue reading ““Yes baby, I’m fine…””